This is an art blog filled with my ideas and as well as fanart.

I like to draw fan art for League of Legends, Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks and all other kinds of anime.

Amount of slots left for headshot commissions: 3


(( UH. D: It’s just a 20 mins sketch QAQ I hope you guys like it. OTL))


 A small little sketch for von-the-first-mate and ask-sivir :’D

This ship makes me go crazy .I hope you guys like it!!! <3

Tuxedo Von and Sailor Sivir.

[(c)Riot Games Inc for Sivir.]
[Von is an OC based in the League of Legends universe.]
[(c)Naoko Takeuchi for Sailor Moon]


Daily Champion Portrait Sketch #1- Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover.

I was thinking of my Caitlyn : ask-lawfulcupcake as I drew this sketch out. I hope to continue improving! I’m apparently rather slow with my sketches so I end up taking long because I still have to colour it. I’ll probably continue to do this everyday I hope.

I hope you like it dear!

Caitlyn belongs to Riot Games Inc.

Approximate time taken: 1hr+.


Have a Vi with a fancy + transparent background! :D


[ Malzahar and Lux from League of Legends ]

Commission for: lux-theladyofluminosity

I hope you like it :D <3



"In the name of Piltover, I will punish you!"

(( Man, this took forever. Feel free to send Sailor Vi some asks :D <3 She’ll be here for a week XD))



(( urgh ;3;… armor pls. y u do dis. 

Anyway, will anyone be interested in a stream? I just might start colouring it today c:

Also, I just got back from holidays, if I owe you a reply or something, please message me. I’m horrible at remembering stuff but also, feel free to poke me too, if you want to ever interact that is. ;w;…))


[Yasuo from League of Legends]

sketch commission by: unforgiven-blade

I hope you like it ;w;! 

Please do not delete my comment. Thank you!

For more info on my headshot commissions: here

Status of commissions.

1. Jay- Yasuo sketch ( WIP and Paid)
2. Christine- Lux and Malzahar( Pending)
3. Empty 
4. Empty
5. Empty

For more info about commissions: Here

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'Sup everyone! So…this is my first time with commissions and I thought I'd start by having headshot commissions first! 


Please tell me:
- What kind of style you want. (My style, disney style, cartoony style, anime style & etc)
- Considering that I have a various amount of styles and I would really love to make my customers happy by drawing their characters in their favourite style! :D I would also like to experiment when doing my drawings for my customers. 
But don’t worry!
Before I actually start colouring or get to work, I’ll do a sketch and show it to you, so that you can tell me what you don’t like and what you like.


Coloured: USD$10 ( +$3 for every extra character)

USD$8 ( +$2 for every extra character)

USD$5 ( +$2 for every extra character)

USD$3 ( +$1 for every extra character)

Please note that:

-I’m not really good at drawing monsters and animals. But if you DO trust me and still commission me, please give me more time to actually prepare the sketch.

-Neither am I used to realism, but if you still trust me, I am glad to actually draw for you but please do give me more time as well.


Contact me at:
my tumblr (send me an ask or PM me)